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“My dream, thus mission in life is to travel the world and photograph beautiful, vibrant animals in all places and circumstances, free and confined”.

  Julian Starks - 2018


Hello Animal Lovers! 


Check out these beautiful "Regal Beasts" from my Worldwide Release of

"Life Behind Bars" Vol. 1., my first Fine Art Photography book through

Visions of the World Inc., a 501(C)(3) nonprofit company I founded in 2017.    

“LIFE Behind Bars” Vol. 1, was titled after the photographic series that I started in order to honor the beauty of animals in captivity, and to support the many individuals and organizations that have dedicated themselves to caring for and protecting these magnificent beasts.   (Worldwide Release 2021)

Lion "60 Count" Collection

Fine Art Prints

Tiger "60 Count" Collection

Painted Prints

Cats Roar!

Lion & Tiger Combo

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